A Raw Change


1 I’m changing my life! Drastically, some would call it. I call it more .. um.. Madeline’s evolution through life. RAW VEGAN! Yes, I said RAW VEGAN. This journey or lifestyle (I’m for life) is no salt, oil, sugar, fat, gluten. Basically I’m not allowing any gunk to enter my body. Only sweet natural whole fresh food. My diet is mainly fruit with some veggies thrown in, and at night I’ll maybe have a all natural vegan cooked dinner like roasting veggies, grilling potatoes or having rice with homemade tomato marinera.

I simply love how and what I’m eating now. My life has change for the better in so many ways. All of those yukky simptoms associated with yukky Celiacs disease has dissapeared. I feel human again. I can live and interact with other humans again. It’s great .. awesome .. terriffic!! And I can eat all the fruit I wish for! YUM!!

Now, because my blog is changing I am thinking of changing my name.. .. RawDiva? For the love of fruit? I’ll still think of a perfect name. Don’t worry ‘coz theres still gonna be yummy recipes. Yummy raw recipes!!

Well, untill later all my readers 🙂

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Why I gave up meat

Choose Life

It’s a question that I get asked a lot. And by a lot, I mean everyone that finds out that I became a vegan asks me that same question. Followed by ”Where do you get your protein”, but that’s for a different post.

It’s simple really. First off – Health reasons:

Believe it or not but even by avoiding gluten and dairy (not to mention all the other stuff that I never could eat), never got me better. I never got to the stage where I could say that my Celiacs was even remotely getting better and that going gluten-free was making a difference, ‘coz it was not. I got to a point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Literally, all the time.  I couldn’t go on like this and knew that I had to make a change.

I was still recovering from recently having bronchitis and glandular fever. My husband had just left for business overseas and I was home alone. Feeling like I was feeling, I never wanted to go out much. It was just my luck that something would allways happen when out of house (cramps .. it got so bad sometimes that I passed out from pain), so I saw him being gone as time for me to take naps. Serious, because of the celiac disease I had chronic fatigue as a side-Yay (said sarcastically) and could sleep all day if I felt like it. I knew that I had to do something and was searching the internet on that particular day. I came across a wonderfull video on You Tube from Tarah of ”40 below Fruity”, called ”Fat fruitarian in a bikini”. Watching her changed my life. Tarah also came from a past of illness and miraculously healed herself by eating a diet consisting of fruit. I just knew that if she can do it, that I can do it! I watched a few more of her and then discovered Freelee, another Princesss of Raw. Freelee introduced me to Durianrider and Pincess Raw Fruit Neets, FullyRaw Kristina and Dr Doug Graham. Every one of them is an inspiration!! I couldnt stop watching them on You Tube. I was inspired and curious.  I wanted to try this lifestyle and couldnt wait. A few days later I had my bananas, my staple now, and was planning to start my new exiting journey the very next day. And so my journey as a RAW Vegan started on the 15th of June 2013.

Were getting to my 2nd reason – For the annimals:

I watched a very humbling and sad but motivating video by Gary Yourovsky. I loved what he said and agreed with it fully. At times I made myself watch, but am very glad that I did.  It is called the ”best speech you will ever hear”. This video changed how I see the world now. It made me a better person. After that I listened to Alicia Silverstone talking to Oprah on being vegetarian. She said in this interview that she saw her dog and thought to herself that if she can’t eat her dog, her pet and her friend, then how can she go on eating any other living annimals..

Today, I can look back at 52 days and honestly say that I’m a vegan and I’m proud!

I eat abundance, I eat fruit, and that gives me life!!