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Omniblend I

I have been asken by a few people to review the Omniblend, so I decided, why not. I would recommend it, I use one, why not review it.. I sure have gotten enough use out of my Omniblend to be able to speak up. I’m sure there is some of you reading this right now saying that the Vitamix is better. I can’t say that it is or not, for the simple reason that I’ve never used a Vitamix blender before. But from all the You Tube videos I have watched, my Omniblend can do just as much in exactly the same manner as the vitamix. And, this is the best part.. at less than half the price!! Believe it, ‘coz it’s true.

Here’s my thoughts:

Foremost, it’s a pro-level smoothie blender that makes amazing smoothies!! And I Love It!!


  • What Is The OmniBlend 3 HP Blender?

The  OmniBlend 3 HP blender boasts a powerful 3 horsepower motor. Wow, it’s more than the Vitamix’s 2 horsepower. It takes me seconds to blend my favourite smoothies. For those of you who know me, also know that I love using frozen fruit, bananas and berries especially in my smoothies. I also have to mention that berries, greens, yes even celery (it can make that aweful wiry strands if not blended properly) to a pulp, and very very smooth. Banana Ice cream is an absolute must!
The OmniBlend  has a six-blade assembly. (Two additional, downward-angled blades are located beneath the four
blades pictured.) It is –

The blender meant to last

omniblend blades

The 1.5 liter polycarbonate jug is nearly unbreakable and will be the only jar you need for the life of the blender. The stainless steel blades are meant to last, too. Add in the powerful motor and an Omniblend will be the only blender you will ever need.
It also comes with a large, 2litre (64-ounce) square pitcher. I prefer a square pitcher design because it’s easier to clean, remove ingredients and, in my opinion, blends much better. The pitcher and blades are appropriate for both wet and dry ingredients.
A nice and very handy accessory that comes with the OmniBlend is a tamper tool. A tamper is a great to have, especially when making green smoothies because greens love to get stuck above the blades. When you’re blending greens or veggies, insteadof spending that time chopping a tamper gives you an easy shortcut by allowing you to push them down while your smoothie is blending. Does the Omniblend  really need a tamper tool? You can get away without one but it’s nice to have.
The blender has a simple dail/switch interface panel that allows you to select adust the speed as well as a “pulse” button.
The Omniblend has a wide, steady base. The blender (with pitcher) stands about 50cm tall and 16cm wide.
There is convenient cord storage beneath the blender base.

omniblend interface
The blender comes with a 3year warranty, but an additional 7year warranty can be purchased.
The Omniblend 3 HP blender retails at R2 999.00, which includes free shipping inside of South Africa. That’s buying a top quality blender at the fraction of the cost.

Another super power of the Omniblend has it that the blender offer double protection with their overload reset button and thermal shut off switch on the motor. Both of these will protect your blender from burning out or being caught in an electricity surge. I think that I can safely say that everyone in SA will agree with me on that one.

omniblend surge free


  • My Experience Using The OmniBlend V 3 HP Blender

When it comes to green smoothies/fruit smoothies, crushing ice, chopping veggies into mush for puree or juice the Omniblend does a fantastic job. It out performs any department store blender. It quickly and easily handles large chunks of fruit, whole leaves of kale and liquifies hard things like carrots,pineapple and beets perfectly. There’s no “sipping and chewing” your smoothie like you do when using cheaper blenders.
The texture of each green smoothie I have blended was creamy and smooth. I don’t own a juicer, although I would love but with the help of my blender and Nut Milk Bag, I can drink smooth, pulp free juices. To read the review that I did about the Nut Milk Bag, click here.
I didn’t get any chunks of fruit that didn’t blend/large bits of leaves in our smoothies either. This blender breaks open cell walls and releases nutrients so that your body is better able to absorb them. I’m honestly very very happy the smoothie quality I’m getting.

Smoothie making is easy and frustration-free with this blender!

I found that the best way for making a green smoothie, any smoothie really was to turn the dail on “High”, count to 30, turn it off, then turn the dail to “High” again and turn off.
My experience is to start slow and go faster while counting. I make about 2/3 2litre smoothies per day and this way it’s allmost as if I am easing the blender into blending and mushing everything together. Using the tamper tool to push the
greens or iced fruit down about 10 seconds into your 30second count would do the trick nicely if you use a ton of greens/fruit like I do. You could also “Pulse” it a couple times, then blend on high 35secs.
While you can purchase an optional sound enclosure, the Omnishield, the Omniblend isn’t that loud. Most commercial blenders can wake up a household of kids or keep the chef’s orders from being heard in a crowded kitchen. Omniblend blenders are super quiet-just 85 dB loud – for a powerful machine. In fact, Omniblend blenders are 20 percent quieter than the competition, which will aid in keeping the children asleep while mom and dad enjoy a healthy smoothie for breakfast.

I hope that this was of help to any and all of you out there thinking of getting a new blender. Spoil yourself, get an Omniblend. I did, and it’s been well worth it!!


Review – Nut Milk Bag

Honestly, I didn’t really know how to use or how totally awesome a nut milk bag is ’til I tried it. If you havn’t yet gotten one for yourself, then do so as soon as possible ..

IMG_0470I promised my loyal facebook fans a review and this is it –

Compared to the nut milk available in the supermarket, and it goes for juicing aswell, it’s a far more nutritious option, full of life force and has NO preservatives, NO additives and NO mystery sweetners … and it’s cheaper and so easy to make too! It’s my kinda tool and so damn easy to use. There’s 3 steps to it – 

  1. Soak
  2. Blend and
  3. Strain
  • First off, What is a nut milk bag?

It is a handy tool that helps you make fresh, living and nutritious milk from a variety of nuts and seeds.  You can also use it to make juice from fresh ingredients, by blending and then straining the juice through the bag. 

Otherwise using them where you would normally use cheesecloth or muslin in cooking is becoming very popular too.  My nut milk bag is a wonderfull accessory for my Omniblend blender.

  • How to use

Using your totally awesome high-speed blender you can blend nuts, seeds, veggies or fruit to a fine purée. Pour the mixture in the bag and gently press from the bottom allowing the liquid to fall into a large bowl or pitcher. Go easy on the squeezing so you don’t tear the bag. Do this untill you have squeezed out all possible liquid. And there you have it,  juice ready to drink or blend into other recipes. The veggie pulp that is left over can be used in all kinds of yummy recipes (I use any leftover veggie pulp for delectable raw vegan patties), fruit pulp can be blended into your favorite smoothie and don’t forget you can also make cheese (cashew sheese) by allowing the cheese mixture (after blending) to ferment in the bag. Hang it over a sink or bowl to catch the unwanted water (whey).

  • How to clean

Empty nut, veggie or fruit pulp into another bag or container and wash the bag completely under running warm water. Hang to air dry. For stubborn stains, soak the bag in GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and water.

  • So many uses, so little time!

  1. Nut and seed milk — Soak nuts or seeds desired time, blend with water. To strain pulp from liquid, pour mixture into the bag and put light pressure on the bag from the bottom to squeeze the milk out. Pulp can be frozen to save for other recipes such as cookies, pie crust, breads, cakes or biscotti.
  2. Fruit Sauce — Blend fruit and strain through bag following the above directions. You can drink the fruit juice, freeze it for ice pops, add it to your favorite smoothie or use it as decoration for a decadent dessert.
  3. Sprouting — Soak sprouting seeds for desired time and hang to dry in the bag. Water twice daily until short tails appear and the seeds are sprouted. The bag is great for sprouting while travelling so tuck it in your suitcase and you’re good to go.
  4. Juicing — Blend fresh vegetables and or greens with a bit of water and strain the mixture through the bag. Save the pulp for crackers or soups and drink the juice immediately for the greatest nutritional value.
  5. Teas — Place loose tea in bag and lower into warm water to steep. Removing after desired time and returning the leaves to Mother Earth for amazing compost.
  6. Cheese — Follow your favorite recipe for raw food nut or seed cheeses. After blending, place the cheese mixture in the bag to ferment and hang above a bowl or sink to catch the water (whey). Once fermented mix in herbs and spices and enjoy! (recipe to come in another post)

Okay, I’ve given you all the above info, now for the question that I know some of you are dying to ask .. Will it last? Will you keep using it and not just dump it in a drawer  and forget about it? Heck yeah!! I’ve been saving up for a juicer, well, for a while now. One of those pretty Oscar juicers .. I have to say That I got quite fed up at times, ‘coz all I wanted was juice, smooth and without the pulp that comes with a smoothie. Voila, it’s possible! The nut milk bag gets a thumbs up from me!!

Click here for the link where I got my awesome blender from .. It is also where my nut milk bag comes from.
I want to do a seperate review for the blender but I just want to say this. It is as good as the vitamix but at less than half the price. I have not regretted my decision a day since owning this magnifecent piece of kitchen equipment.

If and when you do decide to own such a blender for yourself (and you can do yourself the favour, ‘coz it’s a real investment), then you can use the coupon code – Madeline. Omniblend will send you a free nut milk bag with every purchase!!

Happy juicing!!

Love and hugs,


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