Review – Nut Milk Bag

Honestly, I didn’t really know how to use or how totally awesome a nut milk bag is ’til I tried it. If you havn’t yet gotten one for yourself, then do so as soon as possible ..

IMG_0470I promised my loyal facebook fans a review and this is it –

Compared to the nut milk available in the supermarket, and it goes for juicing aswell, it’s a far more nutritious option, full of life force and has NO preservatives, NO additives and NO mystery sweetners … and it’s cheaper and so easy to make too! It’s my kinda tool and so damn easy to use. There’s 3 steps to it – 

  1. Soak
  2. Blend and
  3. Strain
  • First off, What is a nut milk bag?

It is a handy tool that helps you make fresh, living and nutritious milk from a variety of nuts and seeds.  You can also use it to make juice from fresh ingredients, by blending and then straining the juice through the bag. 

Otherwise using them where you would normally use cheesecloth or muslin in cooking is becoming very popular too.  My nut milk bag is a wonderfull accessory for my Omniblend blender.

  • How to use

Using your totally awesome high-speed blender you can blend nuts, seeds, veggies or fruit to a fine purée. Pour the mixture in the bag and gently press from the bottom allowing the liquid to fall into a large bowl or pitcher. Go easy on the squeezing so you don’t tear the bag. Do this untill you have squeezed out all possible liquid. And there you have it,  juice ready to drink or blend into other recipes. The veggie pulp that is left over can be used in all kinds of yummy recipes (I use any leftover veggie pulp for delectable raw vegan patties), fruit pulp can be blended into your favorite smoothie and don’t forget you can also make cheese (cashew sheese) by allowing the cheese mixture (after blending) to ferment in the bag. Hang it over a sink or bowl to catch the unwanted water (whey).

  • How to clean

Empty nut, veggie or fruit pulp into another bag or container and wash the bag completely under running warm water. Hang to air dry. For stubborn stains, soak the bag in GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and water.

  • So many uses, so little time!

  1. Nut and seed milk — Soak nuts or seeds desired time, blend with water. To strain pulp from liquid, pour mixture into the bag and put light pressure on the bag from the bottom to squeeze the milk out. Pulp can be frozen to save for other recipes such as cookies, pie crust, breads, cakes or biscotti.
  2. Fruit Sauce — Blend fruit and strain through bag following the above directions. You can drink the fruit juice, freeze it for ice pops, add it to your favorite smoothie or use it as decoration for a decadent dessert.
  3. Sprouting — Soak sprouting seeds for desired time and hang to dry in the bag. Water twice daily until short tails appear and the seeds are sprouted. The bag is great for sprouting while travelling so tuck it in your suitcase and you’re good to go.
  4. Juicing — Blend fresh vegetables and or greens with a bit of water and strain the mixture through the bag. Save the pulp for crackers or soups and drink the juice immediately for the greatest nutritional value.
  5. Teas — Place loose tea in bag and lower into warm water to steep. Removing after desired time and returning the leaves to Mother Earth for amazing compost.
  6. Cheese — Follow your favorite recipe for raw food nut or seed cheeses. After blending, place the cheese mixture in the bag to ferment and hang above a bowl or sink to catch the water (whey). Once fermented mix in herbs and spices and enjoy! (recipe to come in another post)

Okay, I’ve given you all the above info, now for the question that I know some of you are dying to ask .. Will it last? Will you keep using it and not just dump it in a drawer  and forget about it? Heck yeah!! I’ve been saving up for a juicer, well, for a while now. One of those pretty Oscar juicers .. I have to say That I got quite fed up at times, ‘coz all I wanted was juice, smooth and without the pulp that comes with a smoothie. Voila, it’s possible! The nut milk bag gets a thumbs up from me!!

Click here for the link where I got my awesome blender from .. It is also where my nut milk bag comes from.
I want to do a seperate review for the blender but I just want to say this. It is as good as the vitamix but at less than half the price. I have not regretted my decision a day since owning this magnifecent piece of kitchen equipment.

If and when you do decide to own such a blender for yourself (and you can do yourself the favour, ‘coz it’s a real investment), then you can use the coupon code – Madeline. Omniblend will send you a free nut milk bag with every purchase!!

Happy juicing!!

Love and hugs,


Omniblend I


A Raw Change


1 I’m changing my life! Drastically, some would call it. I call it more .. um.. Madeline’s evolution through life. RAW VEGAN! Yes, I said RAW VEGAN. This journey or lifestyle (I’m for life) is no salt, oil, sugar, fat, gluten. Basically I’m not allowing any gunk to enter my body. Only sweet natural whole fresh food. My diet is mainly fruit with some veggies thrown in, and at night I’ll maybe have a all natural vegan cooked dinner like roasting veggies, grilling potatoes or having rice with homemade tomato marinera.

I simply love how and what I’m eating now. My life has change for the better in so many ways. All of those yukky simptoms associated with yukky Celiacs disease has dissapeared. I feel human again. I can live and interact with other humans again. It’s great .. awesome .. terriffic!! And I can eat all the fruit I wish for! YUM!!

Now, because my blog is changing I am thinking of changing my name.. .. RawDiva? For the love of fruit? I’ll still think of a perfect name. Don’t worry ‘coz theres still gonna be yummy recipes. Yummy raw recipes!!

Well, untill later all my readers 🙂

eat right

Quick, Easy and Fun Eggs


This was was posted by momtrepeneur, but I simply love it!!


This recipe is just a quick and simple version of making eggs if you are feeding a few people and don’t feel like standing over the stove making eggs for all your guests or family members.

What you need

  • Eggs – you decide on how many
  • A muffin tray
  • Spray and Cook or butter or oil


  • Preheat oven to 180˚.
  • Spray the muffin tin with spray and cook or coat the muffin slots with a little bit of oil / butter (don’t over do it otherwise the eggs will be runny and oily)
  • Crack eggs into each muffin slot / area
  • Place in the oven for 10 – 15 minutes (the longer, the less runny)

3 Ideas on how to serve

  • Make a cheese and egg sandwich
  • Serve with bacon and mushrooms which can typically done individually
  • Serve it on toast

I love being nominated .. it makes me feel special! – (for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

“I’m not able to express all my gratitude, because now my body is in timulte, becuase it is a collosal moment of joy!” – Roberto Benigni accepting best actor award for Life is Beautifull, 1999


  1. Thank the person who nominate you. 
  2. List 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them.
  • The gratitude and thanks I wish to express is to my nominator, Brooklyn Locavore !! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much!
  • And now for 7 things about me
  1. I’m no fan of indian cuisine. (I am yet to taste that curry that will leave my tastebuds yearning for more and me a curry follower. Untill then, we will see what the future holds..)
  2. I love vegging infront of the tv while wathing a good movie. I hate horrors..won’t watch ’em but love a good comedy. Movie time equels relaing time for me.
  3. I’m an accident waiting to happen. Last year I broke my pinkie toe just ‘coz I went too quickly around a corner and stubbed my toe .. in my own house.
  4. I have terrible handwriting. Ya know, for everyday .. but I’m quite the calligrapher (for specisl occassions).
  5. I think I may have a slight addiction to coke. I like the bubbles on my tongue ..and what if it sometimes helps for that odd 3am tummy ache.
  6. I love books .. One day I’d like to have one of those libraries that you see in movies .. wall to wall, ceiling to floor bookshelves, with those little little ladders you move around with, comfy armchairs and a big oak desk with those green shaded library lights.
  7. I love the Rolling Stones – they’re just the greatest band ever!
  •  My 15 bloggers is
  1. A Lot On Your Plate – “my goal is to offer practical, creative, tips to help simplify and manage your family, finances and more”
  2. R U Going To Eat That – “our goal is to educate the public on the New York dining experience through reviews, interviews, and of course, humor”
  3. Lee Phelps Photography – “simply a chronicle of my journey through experiences, thoughts, and prayers, with an emphasis on photography”
  4. Bake Love Not War – “working as a weapons engineer, but I decided that what the world needs is more love and baked goods, and fewer weapons”
  5. Reflections Of A Book Addict – “I’ll be chronicling my journey to find the time to read 100 books a year”
  6. 2Busy Brunettes – “sisters who have a common interest in crafts, teaching, decorating, and reading”
  7. Lattes and Leggings – “Southern girl turned New Yorker. More olive oil. A little less butter. Cooking seasonal whole foods with the occasional indulgence in between”
  8. Pretty Baking – “I love desserts. And food in general. In the past few years, I’ve developed a passion for baking—so I thought it would be fun to start a blog about it”
  9. Just Homemade – “Passionate about cooking as much about eating real food with natural ingredients, I heart Vegetarianism.”
  10. Do It Yourself From Scratch – “our attempt to try out household projects that most take for granted.  Who knows cheese is made? or how beer is brewed?  In our world-wide consumer system, not many people are connected with their food and household items”
  11. 27 Cupcakes – “Baking is a love. It is an art. And it is a passion of mine.  A lot of love goes into baking.  It nourishes the soul and brings a little bit of sweetness to people’s lives”
  12. Blissfully Vintage – “I love vintage and spend my time searching antique shops and fairs, second hand shops, flea markets, vintage fairs and car boots”
  13. Yes To Travel – “Whenever you can, wherever you go always say yes to travel.”
  14. Thought Blossom – “opening up your mind to a nature you’ve never known”
  15. Mariposaoro’s Blog – A yummy food blog!!