A Raw Change


1 I’m changing my life! Drastically, some would call it. I call it more .. um.. Madeline’s evolution through life. RAW VEGAN! Yes, I said RAW VEGAN. This journey or lifestyle (I’m for life) is no salt, oil, sugar, fat, gluten. Basically I’m not allowing any gunk to enter my body. Only sweet natural whole fresh food. My diet is mainly fruit with some veggies thrown in, and at night I’ll maybe have a all natural vegan cooked dinner like roasting veggies, grilling potatoes or having rice with homemade tomato marinera.

I simply love how and what I’m eating now. My life has change for the better in so many ways. All of those yukky simptoms associated with yukky Celiacs disease has dissapeared. I feel human again. I can live and interact with other humans again. It’s great .. awesome .. terriffic!! And I can eat all the fruit I wish for! YUM!!

Now, because my blog is changing I am thinking of changing my name.. .. RawDiva? For the love of fruit? I’ll still think of a perfect name. Don’t worry ‘coz theres still gonna be yummy recipes. Yummy raw recipes!!

Well, untill later all my readers 🙂

eat right


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