New to Gluten Free? ~ part 6 ~ So…what now?

My philosophy is not to focus on what you CAN’T EAT but to focus what you CAN EAT. There is a whole big beautiful world of naturally gluten-free foods out there! Vegetables, fruit, unprocessed meats, most cheeses, fish, seafood.

The world of gluten-free eating is abundant!

There are also really great gluten-free alternatives for breads, cookie, pastries and cakes.

My advice is first stay away from the gluten-free alternatives until your taste buds have a chance to re-adjust or until you find the ones that TASTE GOOD! Continue to experiment. Find the brands you like.

Buy an automatic bread maker and utilize the gluten-free bread mixes and enjoy freshly baked gluten-free bread.

Personally, I can live without bread and pasta. What I can’t live without is good health, vigor and energy. Learn to cook gluten free and all the breads and pastas become yours again!

Celebrate the abundance of gluten-free living and the rewards will be plentiful.


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