Gluten Free Sunbutter and Chocolate No Bake Pie Recipe

If you are looking for a scrumptious gluten free dessert recipe but think it is too hot to bake, I’m right there with you! There is something about soaring temperatures that zaps my energy and dulls my desire to turn on an oven. It does nothing however to dull my appetite for delicious desserts!

I am all for icy cold watermelon slices and fresh cherries for summertime desserts but every once in a while, I still gotta have some pie!

This gluten free, nut-free pie is no-bake, luscious and has only a handful of ingredients. It also takes very little time to prepare and your freezer does most of the work!

I just beat up some Sunbutter (I used Natural Crunch for a little texture but you could also use Creamy) with a little cream, vanilla and powdered sugar, folded in some whipped cream, put the mixture into an easy gluten free crust with a layer of chocolate and then into the freezer for a couple hours.

This pie is not just easy, it also happens to look pretty fancy schmancy.

Part of the reason it looks so fancy schmancy is because of the chocolate curls – they really dress up a dessert and make you look like some pastry chef rock star, but they couldn’t be easier.

Just take a couple one ounce squares of semi-sweet bakers chocolate (you can find in the baking aisle of the grocery store), microwave them on medium power for 15 seconds and then run a vegetable peeler along the edge. Pop the chocolate curls into the fridge until ready to use.

So if it is sweltering where you are but you still need pie, try out this recipe. And try to have just one piece – go ahead, try – I dare you!

You need

1½ cups of gluten free graham style cracker crumbs
1/8 teaspoon kosher or fine sea salt
¼ cup butter, melted
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 ¼ cups heavy cream – use divided
1 cup Sunbutter– creamy or natural crunch
1 ½ cups powdered sugar
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
2 one ounce semi-sweet chocolate squares – optional

How to

Combine the gluten free graham style cracker crumbs with the salt and melted butter, mix well. Press evenly and firmly into a 9 inch pie plate.

Combine ¼ cup of heavy cream with the chocolate chips and microwave on high power for 2 minutes or until the cream is hot and the chocolate is almost melted. Stir vigorously until the mixture is smooth and glossy. (You can also place the cream and chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl and set over a pan of barely simmering water to melt the chocolate.) Pour the chocolate over the crust and spread into an even layer. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Whip 1 ½ cups cream until stiff peaks form. In another mixing bowl combine the Sunbutter with the remaining ½ cup cream, powdered sugar and vanilla. Beat until smooth and fluffy. Take a third of the whipped cream and stir it into the Sunbutter mixture then fold in the rest of the cream until no longer streaky. Put the mixture into the pie plate on top of the chocolate layer and freeze for at least 2 hours.

Microwave the chocolate square for 15 seconds on medium power then scrape the blade of a vegetable peeler along the edge to form into curls. Refrigerate the curls until ready to use. Scatter the chocolate curls over the top of the pie before serving.

To make it easier to cut the pie, take out fo the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes before cutting.


A gluten free, nut free recipe that serves 6 – 8 people



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