It really really upsets me when people uses weight loss as an excuse to start following gluten-free diets!!

Whoa..this gets me riled up ..

When I talk to people and they say to me that they have started following a gluten-free diet .. When I hear those words I start prying. I ask them if they have a gluten or wheat allergy, celiac disease, some ailment that would benefit from cutting out gluten like autism, but now, they tell me they’re trying to lose weight.  Lose weight! .. Hell, if I could only be so lucky as to lose weight by not eating gluten. That my friends are the last thing crossing my mind when reading labels, making soup for the umpteenth time ‘coz that’s the only thing that doesn’t bring on cramps. I admit that I do have my good days where I can eat treats as brownies and chocolate cake (also only from my recipe and if I bake it with gluten-free flour, baking powder and other things gf)

I’ve not only struggled to get my digestive tract to be normsl-ish for years now but have sat up nights curled up in a ball actually wishing that I would die ‘coz that’d stop these cramps. I say, once you have dealt with passing out from stomach cramps and living in my shoes for even one day, you are by no means qualified for a gluten-free diet!

I followed a diet of vegetable soup – blended smooth to digest easier and only with approved ingredients, apples  without their peels – again they digest easier and the people tend to give cramps salads consisting of lettuce leaves tomatoes and cucumber. In didn’t dare eat anything else. Slowly, after about a year, I could start adding small things back to my diet. I tried to keep it as natural and fresh out of the earth as possible. This is called an elimination diet. Taking away most of what you eat and slowly adding them back trying to find the pain-culprits. Once a month I decided on something new to add ..  skinless chicken breasts, rice, beetroot, other veggies, fruit, but no bread, pastas, condiments, coffee, sausages or desserts. Anything that was fried in oil was out of the question, I grilled food.  Eating at restaurants was an absolute nightmare, especially in the small town we lived in. Since then we had moved to Johannesburg. Here I found restaurants with gluten free alternatives such as chick pea wraps. I adored them. Until, they day stopped adoring me.

I started experimenting with gluten-free recipes about a year after we moved to the big city. I finally found that there was period of a few days in-between that I was cramp free. I could almost go though as ”normal”.

I think my troubles and all that I had to go through is why it upsets me so much when I hear of people going gluten-free for weight loss. There is a big craze in Hollywood and I think its catching on in the rest of the US at the moment to follow a gluten-free diet. Miley Cyres has recently lost all that weight by eating gf. There is actually nutrients in that wheat that you are missing out on, you need them. She has no real reason, just insanity. I know even some of my friends are doing this.

I wish to be normal and just being able to order a piece of cake, not worrying about how bad my tummy is going to hurt later.

I want to tell everyone out there with a normal tummy and digestive tract. Enjoy eating cake and pasta and bread and everything that you can! Being in my shoes, with my tummy is not a gift, it’s hell.


One thought on “It really really upsets me when people uses weight loss as an excuse to start following gluten-free diets!!

  1. Ryan says:

    I was really surprised when people told me they’re on a GF diet. “What?! You CHOSE not to eat wheat? Why?”
    I miss pita and good naan bread (though chickpea wraps sound mighty tasty, will have to look for that) and if it wasn’t for my celiacs, I wouldn’t be on this diet.
    BUT, on the bright side, the added awareness has brought more GF foods to the market which is a plus. Kinda annoying that I have to explain that my GF diet isn’t by choice, but I’ve gotten used to it.

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