Some Easy Substitutes for Gluten-free Diet…

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Some easy substitutes for gluten free diet…. by “omaxcareproducts

Do you like the taste and feel of ‘starchy’ foods such as pasta?

Good news!!! gluten-free pasta, made from brown rice, soy, potatoes, quinoa, corn or a combination thereof is now available in most supermarkets. Not ling ago, gluten-free bread made from alternative flours tasted awful, it had a gritty texture, and was heavy, dense, and very dry. Thanks to food allergies and gluten awareness and support from organizations and food manufacturers, we can finally buy soft, sliced, gluten-free loaves that approximate familiar sandwich bread, plus hamburger buns, bagels, pizza crusts, and sweet bakery items. In addition, gluten-free bakeries are showing up from coast to coast. Because the market is small, prices are still on the high side, but there’s really no need to explore gluten free foods.

Nutritious, delicious gluten-free foods can come from your own kitchen, at a low cost and can be quickly prepared by even the least capable cook.

A great gluten free food is rice with beans and/or chicken. Rice with chicken can easily make anyone allergic to wheat forget about pasta.


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