I Love Melktert but decided to make Brownies instead .. tomorrow

Melktert is.. shall I say..an all Afrikaans boere-sweet-delicious-dish !

Before I had the tough but life saving knowledge of my all-ruling allergies, I ate melktert. My mom made a melktert every Sunday to have in the afternoon, mugs of coffee to follow, always at someone’s birthday, or we just invented any old occasion & I loved it!! Now I can’t have it..obvious reasons off coarse but my fiancée still loves if I make melktert and he quite literally has every single crumb thereof..

Tomorrow is the 1st of May, a public holiday here in SA.. (and to be truly honest I have now idea which specific holiday this is). We are leaving to visit my dad and granddad at about 10am, I’d say we’d be there at about 11 / 11.30am if all goes well..TRAFFIC..

Thing is, I said I’ll bring one of my (if I have to say it myself) Delicious melktert with. That’s my 1st challenge..to create a gluten free, dairy free melktert..no idea how but I’m gonna try..

I will see tomorrow, maybe it’s good – Lets Hold Thumbs




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