Me Me Me..all about Me

Hi there Friends

”love it raw .. etc” is dedicated to me and my life.

My name is Madeline, and this is me!!


I love writing this blog, a testament to my life as a vegan. I plan on sharing recipes, photos, daily happennings with you, thus the etc..

I believe in being healthy! And the best way to achieve being healthy is the Raw Vegan way. Well, sometimes I’ll have a fully raw day, other days will only be 85-90% raw, with a big green salad and a cooked vegan HCLF dinner. YUM

For a very long time have I been gluteen-free, dairy-free, any other kind of allergen free, but not meat free. I have chosen the vegan lifestyla as the ultimate health choice, my original motivation. But now, after learnt more, I live and eat for the enviroment and the animals too. The safety of the environment and that of the animals.

Hope that you will enjoy my journey with me.

Hugs xox


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